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Faster turnout.

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We’ve got voiceover tailored to meet your political needs. 

Here at Celia Siegel Management, we are committed to connecting you with campaign-winning voice talent. Whether you need a convincing midterm election spot, or you’re rolling out a campaign for your non-profit, we’ve got you covered. One thing PACs, NGOs, Democrats, and Republicans can agree on: knowledgeable, trustworthy, and authentic voiceover is a key element to swaying public opinion and securing the vote! With great voiceover on your side, it will be hard to lose. 

Our team specializes in political advertising outreach and helping to condition and position the CSM roster of voice talent as a leading VO choice for any and all political projects. 

Campaigns like those of Joe Biden, Andrew Yang, Kamala Harris, American Petroleum Institute (API), Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and many more have already trusted CSM voice talent with their messages. Don’t miss the chance to work with our tried and true talent! Listen and learn more about CSM’s passion and action for proven political voiceover that makes a lasting impact.

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Scroll down to hear a first listen of THE VO CHâTEAU’s exclusive group of political voiceover talent. Everyone on the roster has years of training and experience, and they have built careers on their natural ability to communicate and authentically connect with audiences. Our voiceover artists have what it takes to inform and entice listeners in a memorable and compelling way, and to help inspire everyday Americans to take political action. 


We offer excellent voice casting and management services.

On the management end of things, we are committed to delivering the exact voice talent you need to achieve your campaign goals. We provide excellent voice casting and management services, and we can turn around your broadcast-quality sound in 24 hours or less.



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