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If you are searching for authentic kids voices, you’ve come to the right place!

At the Kiddo Château, we have diverse child actors with home studios and Source-Connect at the ready. Ranging in ages 3-18, these voiceover kids are ready to bring their A+ game to your next project!

With experience in commercial, narration, video game, animation and more, the Kiddo Château is here to service your every youth VO need with ease.

Alina Lindley kid VoiceoverAlina Lindley

Ashley Damsgard kid VoiceoverAshley Damsgard

Blake Rockikid VoiceoverBlake Rocki
Eliana Damsgard kid VoiceoverEliana Damsgard
Elliot Cloud kid VoiceoverElliot Cloud
Gracia Damsgard kid VoiceoverGracia Damsgard
Hattie Cloud kid VoiceoverHattie Cloud
Jack Britton kid VoiceoverJack Britton
Jada Lindley kid VoiceoverJada Lindley
Jessie Lindley kid VoiceoverJessie Lindley
Joss Williams kid VoiceoverJoss Williams
Juniper Cloud kid VoiceoverJuniper Cloud
Levi Lindley kid VoiceoverLevi Lindley
Lila Britton kid voiceoverLila Britton
Nayla Wilson kid voiceoverNayla Wilson
Seth Damsgard kid VoiceoverSeth Damsgard

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