The VO Château Premium Voice Talent by Celia Siegel Management.

We love working with CSM’s VO Chateau, and they are our go-to casting agency for all of our VO needs!

Very happy customers over here. Not only are they able to work with extremely tight timelines but they give us great voices, a large amount of options and are always flexible and willing to work with our budgets! Plus, Aya is kind, warm, really hard-working, and ALWAYS accessible! Just an all around easy and beneficial relationship. There has not been a project where we have felt CSM couldn’t deliver. Highly recommend!

I LOVE working with Aya and Celia Siegel Management!

The list of projects and clients we use them for is certainly lengthy. They are our first call for all our VO talent needs, and we need them almost weekly at this point.

Some of my highlights working with Aya and Celia Siegel Management:

  • If I am exploring new VO talent with specific criteria, I can simply ask them to help me explore their vast talent database for the right fit. They know their talent well and can help me quickly listen to and select options that fit my project’s bill.
  • If I have quick turn-around needs- which is most often- I know I can count on them to promptly respond to my requests and get a session for me the same day or when my schedule allows. Having them on our side helps us stay one step ahead in our projects and with our legal firm clients. They are true partners.
  • I also have total trust once talent sessions are secured that the selected talent is prepped and ready with all the information I have supplied. Great communication on all sides.
  • Delivery of the final product is very prompt, often within minutes, depending on the scope.

Celia Siegel Management has been a great resource to work with.

Aya always responds to requests for recording work quickly – often within 15 minutes and never more than an hour – and I’ve yet to run into a situation where we can’t get the VO back within 24 hours – often much quicker! We’ve had situations where last-minute re-records are needed (typically due to client-requested changes), and Aya and her team of pros take it all in stride. Just last Friday, I had an after-hours request and Aya managed to turn it around before the weekend!

We have worked with Celia Siegel Management on a wide variety of projects from 2-minute explainer videos to 15s with multiple state-demonym variants to all of our :60 and :30s with :15 and :06 lifts.

We’ve asked for voices with specific regional dialects, voices from talent of color, and even Spanish-language voice-over… Celia Siegel Management’s portfolio of talent can deliver it all. They are a trusted part of our production process, and it’s so good to know that when you’re in a crunch, Aya and her team will not let you down.

We love working with Celia Siegel Management and their great VO Chateau talent.

Since the start of our partnership, they have provided valuable assistance in numerous projects ranging from internal testing videos to worldwide campaigns in multiple languages. Their fast turnaround, great customer service and professional talent roster make it the go-to talent agency for us. No matter what the project entails, they always go above and beyond when delivering what we need. We highly recommend Celia Siegel Management for your voice-over needs.

We have relied on Celia Siegel Management to bring life to our video productions through their team of voice talent.

For projects of any size, budget, or style – they have delivered. In our world, working for both corporate and nonprofit clients, things move quickly. The ability to receive voice samples same-day has been a game changer for us. We have also appreciated the responsiveness outside of normal business hours, or when an urgent change request has come in from one of our clients. The Celia Siegel team responds with enthusiasm and appreciation for the relationship we’ve developed through the years.

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