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is your best resource for finding the talent you need to communicate effectively with your audience. A new venture of Celia Siegel Management, this site is designed to provide you with an introduction to our diverse roster of voiceover talent and our kickass team of management professionals. Together, we have the capacity to understand your material and lead a creative collaboration that brings your project to life through exceptional voiceover services.

At CSM’s VO CHâTEAU we prioritize your unique needs to provide you with a carefully curated set of audition recordings that will produce a perfect match with every project. Use our VO Concierge Service to experience the benefits of working with a management team that cares as deeply about your work as they do our diverse community of voiceover talent. We honor your work, respect your time, and, ultimately, are here to help ensure your project’s success.


THE VO CHâTEAU is an initiative of Celia Siegel Management, a full-service voiceover management group dedicated to connecting creative producers with hard-working and gifted voiceover talent.

Read on to learn a bit about our founder, Celia Siegel, and our experienced and exceptionally talented management professionals:

celia siegel of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Manager, Brand Builder, Success Strategist and CVO (Chief Voice Officer)

Celia is the author of the popular book, VoiceOverAchiever, and founder of Celia Siegel Management, widely recognized for developing strong personal brands for voice talent. As an experienced brand-building pioneer, certified life and business coach, success strategist and former talent agent turned manager, Celia has advanced the careers of top VO talent for more than two decades. Celia’s multi-leveled expertise and extensive knowledge of the ever-changing voiceover industry has helped voice actors, across the globe, successfully brand and grow their VO businesses.

heidi raschke of celia siegel management and the vo chateau

Heidi Raschke


A passionate believer in the power of storytelling to change lives, connect communities and spark action, Heidi Raschke grew up hearing incredible tales told by an ever-changing cast of characters from around the world — characters with names like Mad Dog Vachon, The Crusher, Larry the Ax, and Andre the Giant. This was one of the true delights of being the child of professional wrestler Baron Von Raschke. She relished in the laughs, inspiration and appreciation that came from connecting to others in this way — and she realized early on that everyone had a fascinating story if you bothered to find out. She decided to become a writer. She studied journalism at the University of Minnesota, and became an editor, working at a variety of publications for more than 20 years. During this time, she led many teams of storytellers to innovate, reach new audiences and attract new revenue using both traditional and digital media. She launched magazines, websites, e-newsletters and Twitter feeds. She edited award-winning blogs and stories. She even wrote a viral essay about her prom experience called “Prom Gone Wrong.” After editing.

Amber’s creativity- and efficiency-inspiring work is informed by an academic background that includes a degree from Seattle Pacific University and advanced certifications as a Registered Corporate Coach® and Innovation Consultant. She is currently working on her MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the HEC in Paris. In addition to kickin’ it with us, Amber enjoys being the mom of two busy kids and three adorable dogs and her marriage to her husband David.

marnie lee of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Senior Copywriter and Brand Steward

Marnie is Celia Siegel Management’s senior copywriter and a lead steward of our brand story. Part of our team since 2007, she creates copy for CSM marketing materials and collaborates with our clients to create brand stories, web content, and e-marketing tools. Marnie is an exceptional listener and a thoughtful communicator who loves how hard-working, passionate, and driven creative voice actors are. She takes great pride in giving back to them through her work.

Marnie is drawn to artistic endeavors and makes a habit of observing and exploring the human condition— something she has been doing since she was a kid. Her learning path to becoming an insightful writer and storyteller is marked by diverse experiences. She has worked and played as a member of Vail, Colorado’s snowboarding community, gained the capacity to hustle under pressure working as a bartender, and advanced her visual communication skills through her passion for photography. At CSM, we’re thankful Marnie found her home with us and her calling in the esoteric world of brand creation.

aya maruyama of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Head of Casting and Talent Manager

With degrees from the University of Georgia in Public Relations and Music Business, Aya is no stranger to the world of talent management, digital communications, or client relations. She has worked under big names like the Creative Artists Agency in Nashville and the former Head of Global Music of Coca-Cola, as well as with local performance venues, artist management companies and various talent in the Atlanta-Athens area. Always looking to learn more, she has transitioned seamlessly into the voiceover world with excitement and determination as the Head of Casting for The VO Château and Associate Talent Manager for Celia Siegel Management.

She can’t wait to use her dynamic energy and boundless tenacity to pursue more opportunities and create greater success for the company!

caitlin phillips of celia siegel management and the vo chateau

Caitlin Phillips

Social Media Manager and Content Creator

Caitlin Phillips is a skilled digital journalist and social media strategist from her experience with Grady Newsource and Paste Magazine. But most of all, she loves to write and has a passion for helping others find their own voice through designing and creating engaging content. Based in Budapest, she is very excited to take on the role of Social Media Manager and Content Creator to communicate and build relationships with talent and voice buyers alike to help them grow their businesses!

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