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is your best resource for finding the talent you need to communicate effectively with your audience. A new venture of Celia Siegel Management, this site is designed to provide you with an introduction to our diverse roster of voiceover talent and our kickass team of management professionals. Together, we have the capacity to understand your material and lead a creative collaboration that brings your project to life through exceptional voiceover services.

At CSM’s VO CHâTEAU we prioritize your unique needs to provide you with a carefully curated set of audition recordings that will produce a perfect match with every project. Use our VO Concierge Service to experience the benefits of working with a management team that cares as deeply about your work as they do our diverse community of voiceover talent. We honor your work, respect your time, and, ultimately, are here to help ensure your project’s success.


THE VO CHâTEAU is an initiative of Celia Siegel Management, a full-service voiceover management group dedicated to connecting creative producers with hard-working and gifted voiceover talent.

Read on to learn a bit about our founder, Celia Siegel, and our experienced and exceptionally talented management professionals:

celia siegel of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Talent Manager, Brand Builder, Author, Success Strategist and CVO (Chief Voice Officer)

Celia is the author of the popular book, VoiceOver Achiever, and founder of Celia Siegel Management and the VO Château, widely recognized for developing strong personal brands for voice talent and delivering exceptional management and casting services – across the globe. As an experienced brand-building pioneer, certified life and business coach, success strategist and former talent agent turned manager, Celia has advanced the careers of top VO talent for more than two decades. Celia’s multi-leveled expertise and extensive knowledge of the ever-changing voiceover industry has helped thousands of voice actors successfully brand and grow their VO businesses.

aya maruyama of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Head of Casting and Talent Manager

With degrees from the University of Georgia in Public Relations and Music Business, Aya is no stranger to the world of talent management, digital communications, or client relations. She has worked under big names like the Creative Artists Agency in Nashville and the former Head of Global Music of Coca-Cola, as well as with local performance venues, artist management companies and various talent in the Atlanta-Athens area.

Always looking to learn more, she has transitioned seamlessly into the voiceover world in 2020 and has worked her way up to the Head of Casting for The VO Château and Talent Manager for Celia Siegel Management through her tenacious, yet charismatic spirit. While she always has her computer, phone and iPad at the ready so she never misses a beat work-wise, Aya enjoys a relaxing day at the beach/on a boat, checking places off her travel bucket list, wining and dining, and spending time with her dogs and pet pigs.

marnie lee of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Senior Brand Writer

Marnie is Celia Siegel Management’s senior brand writer and has written hundreds of successful brands while creatively and currently caring for the CSM brand as well – since 2007. She now leads our brand writing team and loves nothing more than collaborating with both clients and team members to create the brand stories that they not only adore but open doors and work for them, 24/7. She has a special way of making our clients feel seen and appreciated while illuminating their most marketable qualities; a combo necessary in branding and crucial to the CSM methodology. When Marnie’s not writing, you’ll find her in the garden, cooking up storms on the stove, or on her living room dance floor shakin’ it with her husband, son, 2 husky dogs and a very forgiving cat..

JESS L'HOMMEDIEU of celia siegel management and the vo chateau


Head of Social Media and Associate Talent Manager

Jess L’Hommedieu spent her time in college honing in on her expertise in the world of media. After majoring in Entertainment and Media Studies and earning Certificates in Music Business and New Media at UGA, she feels ready to bring her knowledge forth and take on the entertainment industry by storm. Her prior time spent making short films, writing for an online music magazine, and spending time on the stage has led her to much experience with working alongside talent. Growing up with a passion for acting, photography, and music, Jess has a real love for the creative process and brings her brightest self to the CSM team. She enjoys diving more into the VO world as she grows within her role as Associate Talent Manager and the Head of Social Media. Jess wants to make your dreams come true, one audition at a time!

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