VO chateau promo talent


Looking to book the next big, trendy, cutting-edge promo superstar?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. At The VO Chateau Promo, we have experienced, yet fresh and diverse talent who are poised to bring their unique it-factor to your promo.

With credits ranging from Bally Sports to HGTV, Nickelodeon to Smithsonian, Starz to CNN, and everything in between, our promo roster is no stranger to the hustle this genre demands, yet our white-glove, lightning fast concierge service makes it feel effortless and stress-free for all.

Take a chance. Kick back, relax, and watch those ratings rise with this new generation of promo VO.

Jack Malcolm Sanders Promo voiceoverJack Malcolm Sanders
Stefan Johnson Promo VoiceoverStefan Johnson
Sharon Feingold Promo VoiceoverSharon Feingold
Yolanda Spearman
Jai Santiago
Anne Cloud Promo female voice actor at VO ChateauAnne Cloud
Keaver Brenai Promo VoiceoverKeaver Brenai
Amelia Borella Promo Voice Actor with VO ChateauAmelia Borella
George Washington III Promo VoiceoverGeorge Washington III
Jodi Krangle
Julie Shields
Kay Bess Promo VoiceoverKay Bess
AJ McKay Promo VoiceoverAJ McKay
Soraya Butler
Emma O’Neill
Sydney Rainin
Caleb Harrelson Promo VoiceoverCaleb Harrelson
J Michael Collins
Brigid Reale
John Guidry
Jennifer Tophoney
Kenita Hill
Leslie Wadsworth

John Malone
Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
Kristen Simoes
Mark Benninghofen
Bonnie Burton
Gregg Marx
Dom Draper
Eddie Garvar
Andrew Lander

Scott Palmer

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