The VO Château Political Voiceover by Celia Siegel Management.


Looking for voiceover that’s as progressive as the issues you’re fighting for?

Our talented Liberal voice actors know how to resonate with America’s democratic values, and they are ready to bring that connection to your next campaign.

Use strategic political messaging to engage liberal and swing voters on issues that matter to them, including climate change, healthcare accessibility, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial equality.

You can trust our Democrat voice actors to bring a bold, impassioned, and influential voice to your next campaign. They’ve done so for Marilyn Strickland for Congress, Chuck Schumer and John Fetterman for Senate, Tony Evers for Wisconsin Governor, among many others. Let your campaign be next! 

Scroll below to browse our curated roster of Democrat voice actors and listen to their stump speeches. Book your election-winning voice today!

Adrián Khalifé

Amanda Elgie

Amanda Utter
Amelia Borella Voice Actor with VO ChateauAmelia Borella

Amy Selma

Andrew Lander

Angus Macleod

Anita Akerkar

anne cloud female voice actor at vo chateauAnne Cloud
bailey varness voice actor with vo chateauBailey Varness

Barguv Murali

Bev Standing
Bill Gaines

Bonnie Burton

Brian Lafontaine

Brigid Reale
Carman Wilson

Charlotte Ann

Cherie B. Tay
Christi Bowen

Cody Rock

danny hughes voice actor at vo chateauDanny Hughes

Darbi Worley

Dawn Wynne

Debbie Irwin

Denise Kelly

Diana Holguin

Dom Draper
Eddie Garvar

Eli Harris

Emma O’Neill

Erikka J

Fernando Monroy

Francisco Almenara

Genevieve Baer

George Washington III

Greg Eschmeyer

Ian Fishman

Isabella Flores

Issa Lopez

Jackie Bales

Jai Santiago

Jay Preston

Jean-Francois Donaldson

Jenn Wong

Jessica Holtan
jessica trinidad

Joe Cipriano

Jodi Krangle

John Guidry

John Malone
Julie Shields
Julie Waters

Karyn O’Bryant

Keaver Brenai
Ken Scott

Kenita Hill

Kitzie Stern

Kristen Simoes

Liana Bdéwi

Linsay Rousseau

Liz de Nesnera

Lyssa Graham
mark neelyMark Neely
Marlena Jean
Maurice Scott

Michael Spencer

Mike Carnes

Mike Doran

Mike Tobin

Nancy German

Natasha Marchewka
Nicole Draper
Nicky Mondellini
Ozzie Wilson

Paul Ganus

Peyton Wiewel

Ramy Khudir

Rebecca Davis

Rona Fletcher

Rosi Amador

Sam Philyaw

Sara Secora

Saundi Harrison-Cooksey

Shaquana Bell

Sixta Morel

Soraya Butler

Stephanie Németh-Parker

Susan Cooper

Sydney Rainin

Tia Rider

Tom Dheere

Tom Test

Tony Waldman

Trecia Lovering

Vange Tapia

Vic Case

Yeni Alvarez
Yolanda Spearman

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