Looking for election-winning Republican VO?

by | Sep 30, 2022 | political, VO Chateau

Have you been searching for that true American sound to match the energy of your next conservative campaign? You’ve come to the right place– our expertly curated roster of Republican voice actors are ready to work with you. 

Here at the VO Chateau Political, it’s our mission to connect you with election-winning voice talent who understand your values and capture your voice. No matter the issue– taxes, inflation, national security, job creation, 2nd amendment rights, and beyond – our actors are ready to make your messaging powerful and effective. 

Our talent have voiced campaigns ranging from local elections to state and national races–  even Presidential campaigns– so they’re tried-and-true professionals ready to make your powerful political messaging hit home with voters. 

Browse our comprehensive talent list below, or contact us with your specific project needs so we can help you find the right political voice talent for your next campaign. 

Check out our Republican VO Artists Here!



  1. Check out Bobbi Maxwell’s VO for the Florida GOP in this compelling attack ad against Charlie Crist, as well as her powerful delivery in Veteran Morgan Luttrell’s campaign. 
  2. We can also help with candidate-voiced projects too! Check out this Conservative spot by Ford O’Connell that was mixed and mastered by our in-house sound engineer.



Allow us to connect you with our roster of election-winning voice talent today! We know you’ll love working with experienced VO professionals who bring their A-game to each and every read. We guarantee that your project will be high-quality and happen in a timely manner, and we’re proud to offer competitive rates tailored to fit your specific project. Lastly, ALL of our talent are fully equipped with broadcast-quality home studios. Make your political mark with outstanding VO!



Do you need a professional sound engineer to help produce your project on the fly? Whether it’s editing, mixing, adding music, or anything else, we’ve got you covered there too. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all things political VO and production. 



For the next steps, email a short description of your project to Aya, our Head of Casting here at aya@celiasiegel.com, or feel free to use our online contact form. From there, she will have free voice auditions as well as a quote back to you within the hour. 

We promise to provide superior voiceover service, including quick responses, talent recommendations, and more. Make your mark with powerful political messaging today.

-The VO Château Casting Department at Celia Siegel Management