How to Make Your Political Messaging Matter

by | May 26, 2022 | political

We can all agree that the best part of any political campaign is the win. After months of hard work, long nights, and many strategic messaging meetings, you expect a win.

We’re here to help.

Our highly curated and ever-expanding roster of political voice talent understand what’s at stake and how to reach, convince and reassure voters. They all have different styles and specific niches, but each and every talent on our roster is an experienced professional who knows how to make your message impactful.

Republican, Democrat, or Independent, it’s no secret that the best campaigns speak to the people. So, no matter what voice you envision – inspiring, serious, assertive, informative, heartfelt, or compelling – we have the talent to meet your needs. We can connect you with the finest group of political voice actors around. They’re diverse, highly-skilled, fast, efficient, and eager to help you win at every turn. 

Browse our comprehensive talent here, or contact us with your specific project needs and we can help you find the right political voice talent for your project. 

Listen Here, Political VO You Won’t Want to Miss

We’ve pulled some of our talent’s most recent work, so you can hear them in action. 

  1. Amelia Borella’s persuasive political voiceover for the Carolyn Maloney Campaign. 
  2. Soraya Butler’s celebratory tone for Chuck Schumer’s Campaign
  3. Bobbi Maxwell’s matter-of-fact ad for the Let’s Fix Minnesota Campaign. 
  4. Susannah Mars’ flippant attack VO on Joe Manchin for More Perfect Union. 

We’re ready to connect you with our roster of election-winning voice talent. You’ll love working with experienced professionals who are as compelling as they are convincing. We’ll make sure your project happens in a timely manner, while always maintaining the highest quality. We also offer competitive rates tailored to fit your specific project, and ALL of our talent are well-equipped with broadcast-quality home studios. 

Get ready to make your mark with powerful political messaging! For the next steps, email a short description of your project to our Head of Casting at From there Aya will have free voice auditions as well as a quote back to you within the hour. 

We promise to provide superior voiceover service, including quick responses, talent recommendations, and more. Let’s get started!