How a Familiar Voice Can Attract Your Audience

by | May 18, 2022 | VO Chateau

The VO Château’s Global Château is new but already expanding fast– and there’s a good reason for it. As our world grows more digital than ever with social media and targeted advertising, the threads that connect us are thinner now than ever before. Brands are discovering the power of voice localization and using it to connect more deeply with audiences, and we’re helping them do it. 

Localization involves using a voice actor geographically local to a specific place to enhance the delivery of targeted messaging campaigns. Today, companies and brands understand the power of targeted messaging, which explains why they source locally relevant voice actors to relay their messages. 

We know that audiences in Beijing have different needs than listeners in London because their languages and cultures differ. In the same respect, audiences in Kentucky have different needs than audiences in California. Although they speak the same language, a localized voice actor will be able to engage the specific needs of local audiences. Overall, localization improves storytelling and enhances the consumer experience.

Here at the Global Château, we can connect you with a talented, diverse, heartfelt, and culturally aware roster of talent that can localize your messaging and help you break language and cultural barriers. Since most voiceover work is done remotely, companies can outsource campaigns to local actors and have more success reaching their target audiences and achieving regional and global recognition.

While the trend of localization is picking up now, it’s here to stay. Localization in genres like film/TV narration, gaming, and eLearning have gained tremendous momentum in the past several years, and there are no signs of stopping. 

At the Global Château, international talent isn’t as far away as you think. Our roster includes a diverse group of languages and dialects. So whether you’re in need of French or Flemish voiceover, a German or Spanish actor, or a global English accent–we’ve got you covered. We’re excited to connect you with localized voices to get your message across in a globally aware way.