The VO Château Political Voiceover by Celia Siegel Management.


Looking for voiceover that’s as progressive as the issues you’re fighting for?

Our talented Liberal voice actors know how to resonate with America’s democratic values, and they are ready to lend their voices to your next campaign.

Use strategic political messaging to connect and engage Democrat voters on issues that matter to them including climate change, healthcare accessibility, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial equality.

You can trust our progressive voice actors to bring a bold and impassioned voice to your next campaign.

Scroll below to browse our curated roster of Democrat voice actors and listen to their stump speeches. Book your election-winning voice today!

Adam Brown
Amanda Utter
Amelia Borella Voice Actor with VO ChateauAmelia Borella
Angela Colville
anne cloud female voice actor at vo chateauAnne Cloud
bailey varness voice actor with vo chateauBailey Varness
Bev Standing
Bill Gaines
Brigid Reale
Carman Wilson
Catherine Campion
Dane Reid

dan friedman, voice actor with vo chateauDan Friedman

danny hughes voice actor at vo chateauDanny Hughes

David Toback

Debi Mae West
Debra Miles
Dom Draper
Eddie Garvar
Eli Harris
George Washington III
Gina Scarpa
Heather Smith
J Michael Collins
Jackie Bales
Jean-Francois Donaldson
Jen Gosnell
Jessica Holtan
jessica trinidad
Joana Garcia
Jodi Krangle
John Guidry
Julie Shields
Julie Waters
Keaver Brenai
Kenita Hill
Kitzie Stern
Kristen Simoes
Liza Noche
Lyssa Graham
mark neelyMark Neely
Marlena Jean
Maurice Scott
Michael Glover
Mike Carnes
Miranda Ellis
Mindy Baer
Natasha Marchewka
Nicole Draper
Nicky Mondellini
Ozzie Wilson
Peyton Wiewel
Robynne Orr
Sam Philyaw
Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
Serge de Marre
Soraya Butler
Sydney Rainin
Tia Rider
Tom Dheere
Trecia Lovering
Venus Crute
Vicki Liston
Wayne Jay
Yeni Alvarez
Yolanda Spearman

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