How the right voice can elevate your brand

by | Dec 6, 2022 | SEO, VO Chateau

Your brand is unique, unforgettable– and it deserves a brand voice that’s equally as memorable. Research shows a strong brand voice leaves a lasting impression on your audience and drives more engagement than trying to run a thriving business without one. 

Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. Our team of voiceover experts here at the VO Château are ready to explain what makes an excellent brand voice, how to choose one for your brand, and why it matters. Read on to become a brand voice expert yourself. 

What is a brand voice?

Every brand has a message it seeks to convey. 

Most people think of logos, colors, and designs when they think of branding. While that’s part of it, the brand voice is how that message is communicated. Vocabulary, grammar, style, and tone are all pieces that make up the brand voice puzzle. It’s how a company presents itself in its verbal and written communications; and it can be seen as equally important, if not more so than the visual components of branding, says Sprout Social

A brand voice should be consistent to give consumers a memorable impression of what your brand is. For example, Dennis Haysbert’s voice is synonymous with Allstate; its consistency means most people can hear him saying “You’re In Good Hands” right off the top of their head. However, there is flexibility – for instance, you wouldn’t use the same voice in an advertisement for your new product that you would in an explainer video teaching consumers how to use said product. You also don’t have to use the same voice in every campaign. Think back to Allstate – the voice of Mayhem, Dean Winters, has a completely different, yet equally memorable sound that draws people to the brand. 

Now that you know exactly what a brand voice is, let’s dive into how you can achieve one for your brand. 

How can I give my brand the right voice? 

There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect brand voice. The best starting point, according to Forbes, is to consider three elements of your brand: your audience, your personality, and your “why.”

  • Your audience is who you will be communicating with. If you’re a business that produces children’s toys, think about a voice that will resonate with parents and children. If you’re a home improvement store, what voice will captivate the handymen and handywomen of the world? It’s imperative you keep the people you want to reach with your brand voice at the forefront of all decisions around voice. 
  • As for your brand’s personality, this is the vibe you want your brand to give off. Should it be seen as fun and lighthearted? Knowledgeable and trustworthy? Charming and mysterious? How you answer this question will greatly contribute to the development of your brand voice. 
  • Finally, the “why” behind it all – there’s no point in developing a brand voice that doesn’t fit with your brand’s purpose. Know your goals and your direction, then align your voice to them. 

Only you can answer the above questions, but you don’t have to tackle the remaining elements of creating a brand voice alone. The right voice actor will have the talent, skills and experience to bring your newly-designed brand voice to life. There are many, many voiceover artists out there for you to choose from and they’re ready to put the final amazing touches on your vision. 

Why should I even care about my brand’s voice? 

The moment you’ve been waiting for: why does any of this matter? Forbes says that brands with a strong voice are “better able to reach their audiences clearly and pleasantly.” They also have a better user experience and are more memorable. 

Beyond brand voice in general, voiceover in advertising is proven to have a substantial impact on a brand’s success. The Brand Report Blog conducted a study featuring two identical advertisements with one key difference: one was entirely visual, and the other had voiceover to support the message. Researchers found that the visual version resonated with only 17% of the audience, while the version with voiceover resonated with 44%

To sum it up, research completely justifies your brand putting effort into its voice. 

We can help match you with the perfect voice actor to be your brand voice! 

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– The VO Château Casting Department at Celia Siegel Management