How Do We Do It? Meet Our Team.

by | Sep 15, 2022 | VO Chateau

We’re proud that the VO Château is the go-to resource (both in the US and internationally!) for finding the talent you need to effectively communicate with your audience. It’s our mission and passion to provide access to our diverse roster of voiceover talent and our fantastic team of casting and management professionals. 

Whether your project is corporate or commercial, promo or political, animation or video games, or anything in between, we are here to help make your project a raging success!


Aya. Ever wonder about the secret behind our lightning-fast service and perfectly curated talent options? Our Head of Casting, Aya Maruyama, is the answer you’ve been looking for! She prides herself in going above and beyond to match you with talent we know you’ll love, and a same-day turnaround is guaranteed. She understands that every project is unique and is ready to provide you with free, custom audition recordings to help you identify the perfect match for your project. Aya also handles rate negotiations, live-direct session coordination, and billing/invoicing so your project is in great hands from start to finish!

Here at the VO Château, Aya uses her dynamic energy and boundless tenacity to bring your project to life and help connect you with the exact voice you heard in your head when writing the copy.

Jess. She might be newer to the VO Château family, but she’s already an all-star. As the Casting Assistant and Social Media Coordinator, Jess works with both you and the talent to facilitate and showcase great work. Her behind-the-scenes efforts help the VO Château run smoothly and efficiently. She’s passionate about making sure that the service you receive is just as impressive as your final project. 

Her creative skills, responsiveness, and willingness to learn make her an essential part of this growing team!

Caitlin. With her passion for writing and showcasing talent, Caitlin loves putting together the VO Château’s monthly talent mailers! Don’t you love when our talent’s latest and greatest work goes straight to your inbox? So do we. We want to keep you updated to make finding the right talent for your next project as easy as possible.

She’s proud to be part of the VO Château team, where we connect you with the best talent. 

Marnie. She’s our Head Brand Writer who’s been with CSM for 16 amazing years! Marnie is integral to the success of the VO Château as she works with talent to help them create a personal brand, which allows you, the buyer, to quickly get to the heart of who you want to work with.

At Celia Siegel Management, we know that success starts with branding. Through her work, Marnie makes selecting the talent that meets your needs a breeze!

Celia. She’s our fearless leader, and the VO Château is her creation. After years of hard work, Celia’s vision for the VO Château has come to life– she imagined it as a space specifically for nurturing and booking talent, and that’s exactly what it has become. Through the VO Château, Celia’s desire to curate a diverse and amazing group of talent who each have so much to offer is realized. On the day-to-day, Celia loves working with this amazing team to bring you the best talent with superior service. Celia fosters an environment where the team can respect and elevate each other’s strengths, all in order to ensure that you are paired with the most compatible talent for your next project.

We’re proud to work together to provide you with unparalleled voiceover services! Take a look at our talent roster here, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your project details so we can help you find the talent to meet your needs. You can send a brief description of your project and a script to Aya, and she will get back to you within the hour with a custom quote and set up complimentary auditions.