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by | Jul 25, 2022 | medical, VO Chateau

Medical emergencies and breakthroughs don’t stop for summer, and neither does our outstanding roster of medical voiceover talent. We’re always here to connect you with actors that can attend to all your medical VO needs quickly!

No matter the terminology or the tone, our diverse roster of medical voiceover talent can deliver the right sound to your next project. They’re experienced, educated, innovative, and ready to bring that special something to technical medical training videos, commercial pharmaceutical spots, patient animations, and everything in between.

Pairing you with the right medical voiceover talent is our specialty– so you know you’re in good hands at The VO Château. Check out our talent below or allow us to help you find the best fit for your next spot. 


Medical VO Artists

Amelia Borella 

Angela Colville 

Anne Cloud 

Bailey Varness 

Bill Kernodle 

Danny Hughes 

Gary Mitchell 

Jennifer Tophoney 

Jon Ruhff 

Keaver Brenai 

Kitzie Stern 

Kristen Simoes 

Lisa Leonard 

Michael Glover 

Mindy Baer 

Paul Herzberg

Sam Philyaw

Wayne Jay


Check Out Our Talent Work Samples

  1. Amelia Borella sounds calm and communicative in this NCCN Animation for Patients booked through the VO Château!
  2. Gina Scarpa’s VO is upbeat and informative for Marshfield Clinic Health System.
  3. Jodi Krangle’s voiceover makes this spot for Memorial Healthcare System feel bright and thoughtful.  
  4. Anne Cloud’s VO is innovative and energetic in this pharmaceutical narration for Fensolvi.



Our roster of medical VO talent is highly specialized. Our talent are ready to bring the perfect tone to your next project– whether it’s factual, ground-breaking, trustworthy, or anything in between. Our service is as top-notch as our talent, which means that turnarounds are quick, and quality is guaranteed. Additionally, our reasonable rates are tailored to fit the needs of your specific medical voiceover project. Finally, ALL of our talent come prepared with broadcast-quality home studios for maximum convenience. 



For outstanding medical voiceover, you’ve come to the right place. To get started, email a short description of your project to our Head of Casting at From there, Aya will have free voice auditions and a quote back to you within the hour.

We promise to provide superior voiceover service, including quick responses, talent recommendations, and more. We’re eager to work with you!

— The VO Château Casting Department at Celia Siegel Management