Get Great eLearning Voiceover

by | Jun 26, 2022 | eLearning, VO Chateau

Do you want to create educational content that actually speaks to everyone? Then look no further– we’re here to help.

We know the demand for engaging, informative voiceover has skyrocketed in the past couple of years, and it’s only going to keep growing. As jobs, classes, and trainings move more online, the need for relatable, educational voiceover is more prevalent than ever. 

Here at the VO Château, we’re proud to have a truly diverse list of talent, who are lifelong learners by nature and who love lending their voices to awesome eLearning, Corporate, and Explainer projects. 

Our robust roster features talent of various ages and backgrounds, so whether you’re looking to emulate the sound of a professor, student, industry leader, or anything in between, we have talent to meet your needs. 

Browse our comprehensive talent list here, or contact us with your specific VO needs and we can help you find the voice that speaks to your project. 


Don’t Miss Our Talent Work Samples

  1. Amelia Borella’s warm yet informative narration for NCCN, booked through the VO Chateau. 
  2. Patrick Kirchner’s educational VO about Foreign Policy for World101.  
  3. Anne Cloud’s illuminating voiceover about Gender and Stereotypes for ClickView
  4. Lisa Leonard’s training module for nursing students.



Leave it to us– we’re excited to connect you with our expansive roster of knowledgeable and informative voiceover talent. We know you’ll enjoy working with experienced professionals who are enthusiastic about relaying your message– no matter how technical. We guarantee your project will happen in a timely manner, while always maintaining the highest quality. We offer competitive rates tailored to fit your specific project, and ALL of our talent are well-equipped with broadcast-quality home studios. 



We’re ready to make your next eLearning project a success! For the next steps, email a short description of your project to our Head of Casting at From there, Aya will have free voice auditions as well as a quote back to you within the hour. 

It’s our mission to provide superior voiceover service, including quick responses, talent recommendations, and more. We can’t wait to work with you!

-The VO Château Casting Department at Celia Siegel Management