How to Find the Right Talent for Your Next VO Project

by | Mar 21, 2022 | commercial, eLearning, medical, political, VO Chateau

Great voiceover is the key to taking your project to the next level. No matter the genre of voiceover: a commercial, an eLearning video, a documentary narration, or an animated series, the voice of your project needs to speak to your target audience. 

Whether you need a voice that’s bubbly and conversational, inspiring and innovative, or serious and somber, you can find it on our diverse and robust roster of professional voice actors, both union and non-union. We’ve categorized our talent by gender, age, and a wide range of genres to make it easy for you to find the voice that compliments the feel of your project. 

We’re also happy to make talent recommendations and provide several audio samples from an array of talent so you can make an informed voiceover decision– we just need to know what you want your message to achieve. 

If you’re creating an informative eLearning video or trying to sway voters with powerful campaign messaging, it’s important to know the feeling you want to evoke from your audience. This will allow us to pair you with a voice actor who can make your project a raging success. 

Speaking of campaign messaging, we know how crucial it is to secure the right voice for your next political project. You want someone whose voice is influential, relatable, and magnetic, and with the midterm elections right around the corner, we are here to help. Here at the VO Château, we’ve taken the time to curate a diverse and expansive political voice talent roster. 

Beyond political VO, we’re also proud of our expertly curated talent list through The Global Château, featuring talent who speak different languages, including German, French, and Flemish, as well as actors with global and regional English accents, so your project knows no borders. The Global Château is our way of bringing the world of talent to you in one convenient place. 

When it comes to finding the right actor for you, we’re experienced and enthusiastic. There’s nothing we love more than connecting you with talent that fits the specific needs of your project. 


Our Process

You might be wondering how we do it. How is it possible to connect you with the talent you need so quickly, without compromising quality? Aya, our Head of Casting explains. 

When you reach out to us by email ( or phone (678-315-8010), we get back to you immediately. All of our notification bells are on, so we can respond as quickly as possible. We understand and fully embrace the fast-moving nature of the industry. After you provide us with your project details, we promise to get back to you within the hour with a quote.

Whether you’ve heard a specific voice on our website that seems like the perfect fit or you want to explore your options based on a creative vision you have, we are eager to help. We’re always happy to arrange free custom auditions based on your project specs, so you can choose the voice of your next project with ease.

Additionally, when it comes to meeting your deadline, we guarantee it. We work closely with talent to ensure that your project is a top priority. In fact, all of our talent offer a 24-hour turnaround time, most even same-day. This means no more week-long email chains waiting for your project to be done, and no more wondering if you’ll have to postpone your campaign launch. It will be done quickly, without compromising quality, every time. 

Most importantly, we will go to the ends of the earth to find the right voice for your project. We’re responsive, here for you when you need us, and we will stop at nothing to provide you with the best service. We can’t wait to collaborate with you soon!