Creative Video Game and Animation Voiceover

by | Dec 21, 2021 | animation, VO Chateau

In the world of video games and animation, where the only limit to visuals is one’s imagination, let the character voice possibilities be just as endless with talent from the VO Château.

The badass heroine. The conniving villain. The faithful sidekick. Our voiceover artists can do it all, and then some, with their out-of-this-world creativity and skill. Each of our talents is an experienced and enthusiastic professional who loves what they do–they’ll give their all to your project and take direction with ease.


Check Out Our Talent

Feel free to browse our roster below to find the perfect voice for your animated work of art or send a short synopsis of your project to and we’ll offer our suggestions.

Amelia Borella

Amanda Day

Anne Cloud 

Alix Martin

Bernadette Sullivan

Eddie Garvar 

Eli Harris

Jeremy Rosenfeld 

Jon Ruhff 

Julie Shields

Keaver Brenai 

Lyssa Graham

Melissa Disney

Michael Glover

Marlena Jean

Matthew Bo Martin Jr.

Soraya Butler

Stefan Johnson

Sydney Rainin

Torian Brackett

Tia Rider

Valerie Schrementi

Yeni Alvarez


Talent Work Samples

For inspiration on just how much potential your project has in the hands of The VO Château, check out our artists’ recent work in the video game and animation realm.

  • Stefan Johnson as Father Time in the animated adventure comedy web series Crash Zoom. (Clip Begins @ 3:40)
  • J. Michael Collins in Capcom’s survival game, Village: Resident Evil.
  • Alix Martin as the voice of Anvil Aerospace AI in multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game, Star Citizen.
  • Julie Shields in the Nintendo Switch game, Castle of Hearts.


Let’s Get Started

Whenever you’re ready to get to work, we are too! Just email Aya, our Head of Casting, at with a short project description, and we’ll have voice auditions as well as a quote back to you within the hour. 

It is our promise to provide superior voiceover service for your video game or animation project including quick responses, talent recommendations, and more. Cast our talent with us today!

The VO Château Casting Department at Celia Siegel Management