The VO Château Political Voiceover by Celia Siegel Management.


Are you searching for that true American sound? Something that bleeds red, white, and blue? Then look no further. Our Republican voice actors are ready to be the sound of your next Conservative campaign.

No matter the issue– taxes, inflation, national security, job creation, 2nd amendment rights, and beyond – our artists are ready to make your messaging powerful and effective!

Now is the time to take a stance, so whether you’re crafting an attack ad or pivoting to a positive candidate spotlight, we’ve got the voiceover to match.

Scroll below to browse our curated roster of Republican voice actors and listen to their stump speeches. Book your election-winning voice today.

Aaron Carter

Amy Selma
​Andy Barnett

Anne Ghrist
Bev Standing
Bill Gaines
Bill Kernodle
Bob Doyle
Bobbi Maxwell
Brad Hyland
Caleb Harrelson
Catherine Campion
Christine Padovan
Christian Taylor
Elvis Di Marcantonio
Emilie DeAzevedo
Ian McMullin
J Michael Collins

Jeff Williams
Jennifer Tophoney
Jessica Holtan
Jodi Krangle
John Guidry
Keaver Brenai

Kelly Brennan

Kristen Simoes
Leslie Wadsworth
Luca Papp
Mark Benninghofen
Melissa Disney
Patrick Kirchner
Scott Palmer
Susannah Mars
Todd Leitz

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